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They have the skills to keep their students safe the tooth canal

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    They have the skills to keep their students safe the tooth canal, of blood vessels and nerves located in the middle of the tooth, in both the crown and the root of the tooth, surrounded by dentin and enamel teeth and dental cement.Meningitis usually starts with decay. Tooth decay causes hot, cold, sour, sweet. If during this period, tooth decay is treated in time, it will prevent tooth decay. In addition, dental pulp can also be caused by other causes such as rupture or tooth decay, traumatic damage of the pulp, excessive tooth erosion, tooth inflammation caused by inflammation around the teeth.The cost of an implant tooth in Vietnam


    Signs and symptoms of tooth decay

    Tooth pulp can be acute or chronic. Acute inflammation causes severe pain, chronic inflammation can be painful or painful, pain intensity less than acute inflammation.Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

    Toothache is painful, painful or painful but not severe. Each pain usually lasts 3 to 30 minutes, may be mild local pain or severe pain spreads around and on the head, pain may jerky under the pulse. The pain occurs naturally or after arousal or pressure change (eg, by plane), when the pain of the patient is completely relaxed. Tooth pulp is a dental emergency, in many cases painless painkillers do not work. When people chew on the tooth pulp inflammation, it is a bit painful, can feel the teeth loose. If untreated, myelitis persists until the pulp is dead, many subjective patients claim that the tooth has recovered on its own without knowing that the infection will spread to the area around the root of the tooth. Meningitis can have deep holes, broken teeth, worn out teeth or periodontitis.Dental tourim in Vietnam

    The consequences of tooth decay

    Dental pulp inflammation will be congested. However, the pulp is surrounded by a hard shell that cannot be inflated, leading to increased pressure in the pulp chamber causing death. Dead bone marrow untreated leads to periosteitis, abscess around the tip of the teeth.

    Treatment of tooth inflammation

    Patients suffering toothache can use temporary pain medication. When taking medicine, notice the side effects of the drug on the digestive tract and other systemic effects. Need to urgently to the dentist face to thoroughly treat tooth decay.

    Patients with dental pain need a dentist to diagnose the diagnosis and condition of teeth. If the tooth is indicated to be extracted, it should be removed early to remove the pain, if the tooth is preserved will be treated tooth pulp. If the patient has less pain, the shortness of pain (3-5 minutes) can be monitored for tooth pulp. If the tooth is deep, it should be cleaned because the ivory contains a lot of bacteria and sealed with calcium hydroxide. like hot, cold, sour, sweet. If the pain is reduced without removing the pulp, the follow-up period is about six months. If the pain increases, the patient needs to remove the pulp. The patient will have a local anesthetic around the root of the tooth and open the pulp, remove the pulp and shape the canal system so that the tubules are oblong enough for the weld. closed canal. There are now many types of canal and canal shaping methods, but they have the common characteristics of using cannula on the canal to remove the ivory in the canal wall and expand the canal, This device is not allowed to go out the top of the tooth. Removal of the pulp and dilatation of the canal requires persistence and meticulousness. In the process of dilatation of the canal, it is possible to produce ivory mulch, which is important not to push the ivory to the root of the tooth. The canal expansion process must be combined with a 2.5% hypochlorid sodium hypochlorid and lubricant solution to remove the ivory residue.All on four dental implants price in Vietnam

    After the canal has been cleaned and shaped properly for sealing, the dentist will measure the length of the canal with a length gauge (apex locator), drying the canal and welding the canal with gutta. -percha, this is a plastic resin that is relatively flexible, liquid when heated and injected into the canal. X-ray tube-wound gutta-percha has the characteristic that when the coil cools, so that the gutta-percha after cooling is pressed into the canal walls by suitable compacting plants. That doctor continues to pump more gutta-percha, cavity deep holes will be welded with amalgam or composite.

    Prevent tooth decay

    To prevent tooth decay, each person should go to the dentist every six months to find the teeth and timely remedy, if there is gum disease and inflammation around the teeth should be treated immediately, avoid chewing. Hard objects such as bones, crab shell.

    Note: the efficacy of the treatment can vary depending on each patient’s condition.

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